Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hmm ... ??

I think no wordless wednesday today ..
Bcoz ...
=] I want to be a wordy boy today .. hoho =O

Exam is coming, along with the exam, come the challenge .. as a Form 4 student from an Arabic School, we must remember at least 14 subjects .. can't you all consider that??

But, I think I have ready to face the exam .. bcoz my ustaz n ustazah had given their best shot to us .. and now, all the success results depend on our shoulders .. our small shoulders .. can we stand to put all our effort??

" Nothing is imposibble in this world .. "

That's the only thing I can say now .. why I said like that?? Bcoz, Allah can n could do anything He wants .. with his almighty power, He can make us success in a blink of eye .. while, He also can make us fail in the exam eventhough we have given our best shot to hit the target .. Believe in Allah !! Always put your efforts to Allah .. consider all our decisions .. we can make it, juz believe ..

To all students that will face the exams, good luck to all of you .. we must hit the aim ..
Let's get the BULL EYE!!!!
Get the success ,, we can do it .. all we need are efforts .. more efforts .. !!!

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