Monday, May 28, 2012

My UnclassiFied Drawing .. ^_-"

Assalamualaikum .. 
Starts everything with Bismillah .. 
InsyaAllah, success with u .. ^^

Within a month, I didn't update blog .. I kinda drew a few of cartoons .. 
A few only, not so much .. 
Well, bizi with exam, preparations ferrr Teacher's Day .. n so on .. 
Any Manglish please ignore .. Haha,, i'm not so good in English .. 
but what's wrong if we try to .. right?? 

Here's are my drawings ..

I start to fall in Love with Manga Studio (Debut?)
Well, its stroke, pen so cool!!  
U can draw it gently .. 
Then I coloured it in PhotoShop CS5/CS3 .. I pogot it,, juz poget it .. ^^
His mouth so big .. ignore it .. haha, did it on purpose ..

- Lady in Kimono - 
At this time, I tried new hair style .. Got it from an anime .. 
Well, watch and learn right .. 
The kimono I draw it .. and coloured it blue .. bcoz I love blue so much!!
Her hand was hidden on purpose .. It's my weakness to draw hands!!
I'm trying so hard .. Urghh,, until now .. still tak jadi doe ..
Just be patient ..

Strawberry .. 
I got inspired from my lil bro .. 
He said,"kenapa selalu guna kanak2 ribena, gunalah kanak2 strawberi,  cute ckit .." 
Hahaha,, then I drawed this ferr him .. kua3 .. 

There's another pic .. That I only drawed it without coloured it ..
Using Manga Studio .. 

I tried and tried .. Jjaan .. 
Keluar sebiji epal 
 Sagwa(in Korea) .. 
His face looks alike with Fizo Omar when Kak Myra drawed his vector .. kui3

To be continue tomorrow .. ^^ 
There's a lot more product from Manga Studio ..
why don't u try it too??


✿✿JihaD UmaYraH✿✿ said...

perh... lukisan makin improve. ini ohsem, slalu phatikan artwork hadi. tp skrg ne lukisan mmg terbaik ^__^b thumbs up!

-SUPERGIRL- said...

cntik! Lukis pakai ap?

Hitsugaya Hadi (氷) said...

JihaD UmaYraH : alhamdulillah,, practice make perfect .. ^^ stalk hadi eahhh?? haha

-SUPERGIRL- : maseh,, guna manga studio .. ^^ ..

Mr. Doctor said...

Sekali tengok macam mulut budak laki tu jatuh.. haha.. anyway makin mantap la hadi.. thumbs up

Hitsugaya Hadi (氷) said...

haha,, betul2 .. hentam saja laaah,, hua3 .. ^^,, tenzz~

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