Monday, July 16, 2012

Tick-Tock The Time .. -wAiTinG FoR sOmeOne-

Assalamualaikum .. 

In a few days, my big brother will back home .. 
Currently, he studies in Morocco aka Maghribi .. 
Take the Arabic Languange Course .. 

Already have some tours to Spain, 
and there gonna be some sourvenirs for all of my family .. 

On 6 July, it was his birthday anniversary .. 
And I ended up with drawing a chibi to him .. 


He will be in Malaysia on 31 July 2012 .. 
InsyaAllah ,, kaana aamina ..^^


ELFarahin said...

Hadi, JOIN jom! Ajak gen-2 sekali eh... :)

blog-tips-kurus said...

still cute!!

Capry AniStar said...

wah,, kt Maghribi?!! pndai2 blako adk-brdik dy,, huhuh..

Hitsugaya Hadi (氷) said...

ELFarahin : insyaAllah,,, ^^

blogtipskurus : tennzzz,, huhu,, dah lama xmelukis niii ..

AniStar : pandai alik mano gakk .. biaso2 jahh .. kullu minaAllah

Capry AniStar said...

yo lah,, smuonyo drpd Allah. demo pon ore pndai gok kt skolh.. spo x knl Hadi.. satu klas ore knal.. haha

Lee-kun said...

welcome back to him.. ^^

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